例子扩展自unbound method和bound method, 原文Class method differences in Python: bound, unbound and static.

#!/usr/bin/env python
# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-

class A(object):
    def foo(self):

    def bar():

print ' %s' %
print 'A().foo: %s' % A().foo
print "A.__dict__['foo']: %s" % A.__dict__['foo']
print "A.__dict__['foo'].__get__(None, A): %s" % A.__dict__['foo'].__get__(None, A)
print "A.__dict__['foo'].__get__(A(), A): %s" % A.__dict__['foo'].__get__(A(), A)
print '-------------------'
print ' %s' %
print 'A().bar: %s' % A().bar
print "A.__dict__['bar']: %s" % A.__dict__['bar']
print "A.__dict__['bar'].__get__(None, A): %s" % A.__dict__['bar'].__get__(None, A)
print "A.__dict__['bar'].__get__(A(), A): %s" % A.__dict__['bar'].__get__(A(), A)


% python <unbound method>
A().foo: <bound method of <__main__.A object at 0x10c983190>>
A.__dict__['foo']: <function foo at 0x10c967f50>
A.__dict__['foo'].__get__(None, A): <unbound method>
A.__dict__['foo'].__get__(A(), A): <bound method of <__main__.A object at 0x10c9831d0>>
------------------- <function bar at 0x10c96f5f0>
A().bar: <function bar at 0x10c96f5f0>
A.__dict__['bar']: <staticmethod object at 0x10c9811a0>
A.__dict__['bar'].__get__(None, A): <function bar at 0x10c96f5f0>
A.__dict__['bar'].__get__(A(), A): <function bar at 0x10c96f5f0>

As you can see if you access the foo attribute on the class you get back an unbound method, however inside the class storage (the dict) there is a function.