最近看了自己Github上的 Your Contributions 图表, 发现很多 commits 都没有被统计, 怀疑是因为我提交的不是默认分支.

于是搜了下 Github Help, 找到了答案, 另外在 StackOverflow 上看到有人问了这个问题, 我顺便回答了, 复制过来.

How to view GitHub Contributors Graph for branches other than master?

The help of Github Viewing contributions :

Whenever you commit to a project’s default branch (or the gh-pages branch), open an issue, or propose a Pull Request, we count that as a contribution.


  • default branch
  • gh-pages branch
  • open an issue
  • pull request

only these will be counted.

As @Mikael ’s answer, you can change the default branch in repo’s settings.

Another help of Github Which contributions are counted?, for commit:

Your commit contributions are only counted when they are created on or merged into the default branch or gh-pages branch of a non-fork repository.

I also want github to count all the commits, not specified branch :(